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Welcome to the NPA

The NPA was founded by active, veteran, and retired law enforcement officers from around the country.  Our mission is to encourage law enforcement professionals and citizens of America to support our organized ef...

An American Law Enforcement Initiative

The National Police Association believes that honoring a hero should go a step further than sending a letter of support or simply saying thank you. While those are nice gestures, the NPA encourages the citizens of thi...

Police Training Enhancements

The goal of the NPA is to make a positive difference for the sake of law and order. NPA strives to promote officer safety and universal procedures that are popular within the law enforcement field. The program allows ...

The Justice Way Programs

Justice Way Youth Programs: People who drop out of high school tend to earn much lower than the average worker, suffer health consequences, lower standards of living, more likely to be unemployed, higher tendency to d...

Projects and Programs
The NPA is launching the Justice Way Program in association with After School All-Stars, which was founded by former CA Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. After School All-Stars features Kobe Bryant and Dwayne Johnson as their Program Celebrity Ambassadors.
Community Center Plans
Designed to enhance training and health for police officers, the NPA's dedicated training center in Los Angeles, CA will also ultimately increase community awareness and focus on crime-deterring activities for the neighborhood's at-risk youth.
NPA Gifts to Police
A vest and equipment fund was created by the NPA to assist law enforcement officers and departments suffering from financial hardships.

National Police Association headquarters:
459 W. Broadway, Suite 8, Glendale, CA 91204.
To contact the NPA, please call 818.809.4072


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